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The Herb Flowers Mix contains striking flowering sprigs from a variety of different herbs. The content of this blend varies with availability, but can contain:

Arugula Blossoms (off-white)

Basil Blossoms (purple)

Cilantro Blossoms (white)

Dill Blossoms (yellow)

Fennel Blossoms (yellow)

Lavender Blossoms (purple)

Mint Blossoms (purple)

Rosemary Blossoms (blue)

Thyme Blossoms (pink)

These herb sprigs have a long, thin shape that distinguishes them from most other edible flower garnishes and makes them a great choice for standing in beverage/cocktail glasses or spearing desserts.

Note: Rosemary sprigs are too woody to be actually edible.



Store herb blossoms in your refrigerator in their plastic clamshell.

Shelf Life:

The different herb sprigs in this mix have different shelf lives.

Basil sprigs are the most perishable, lasting up to 6 days. The longest-lasting sprigs are the lavender, which can last up to 18 days. The other herb varieties tend to fall somewhere inbetween.


Use herb blossom sprigs as a garnish for cocktails, other iced beverages, ice cream, custards, other plated desserts or whole dessert trays.

They can either be laid across the dish/glass, stood up against the side of a bowl or glass, or propped vertically against a dessert to add height and interesting angles.

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