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Iberico Pork Baby Back Ribs

6 racks (approximately 10 lbs.) | Free Shipping

Pork ribs are a lower cost, intensely flavorful bone-in cut that must be slow cooked until tender.  Baby rack ribs (known as Tira Costilla Espinazo in Spanish) are shorter & meatier than spare ribs.  Iberico pork rib racks are absolutely delicious, but naturally smaller than conventional pork racks.

Iberico pork is a Spanish culinary treasure, amongst the finest pork in the world.  While Iberico is best known for the famous slow-aged hams, the other cuts are succulent, moist & delicious.  This Iberico pork is raised free range on traditional Spanish pastures known as dehesas.  It’s fed a natural diet of grain, corn, wheat, grass & forage.  No added growth hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics are ever used.

Iberico pork raised in this way is considered “Campo Iberian Pork” under Spanish law, a term which requires that the animals are raised in the open air on an all-natural cereal-based diet.

* Minimally Processed, No Chemical Ingredients

Note: Due to the presence of bones, it is possible that the vacuum packages may leak during thawing. This is normal, and does not affect the meat’s quality.


6 individually vacuum sealed racks (approximately 10 lbs.)


  • Pasture Raised Free Range
  • Campo Iberian Pork
  • 100% Natural*
  • No Added Growth Hormones
  • No Sub-Therapeutic Antibiotics
  • Individually Vacuum Packed
  • Frozen



Keep iberico pork cuts frozen until you need them, then thaw before cooking.

Thawing Tips

Pork ribs need to be slow cooked in order to become tender.  They’re typically braised, slow-roasted, or smoked.

Ribs Recipes
Iberico Pork Recipes

Learn more about how to cook Iberico pork. Go to the Test Kitchen →

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4 Reviews

Mind-Blowing RIbs, Try before you DIe

What can be said about these wonderful baby back ribs other than OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!

My rib arrived in perfect frozen condition the next day after placing an order.

Right off the back you can tell the superior quality of the fat on these ribs. The fat on these ribs really sticks to your fingers as a testament to its quality

The ribs came out very succulent and tasty. They are a little smaller in size than some of the ribs I'm used to, however the flavor of Iberico ribs is far superior, deeper and denser than anything you can find in your local store.

Do not miss out on these.

premi baby back ribs

Looking for heritage pork ribs and came across these. Smoked in a pellet smoker and they were delicious. Smaller and more tender than the usual ribs, and well worth it. Almost like eating candy. A huge hit among our guests.

Beats SRF Berkshire ribs in compariscn test

These are the best tasting ribs I've ever had, and I've been trying many and doing taste comparisons using a Yoder Pellet smoker. I was looking for a higher quality product that what I was used to getting from Costco or my local grocery store. I've oredered twice and this last batch I made alongside Snake River Farms Berkshire baby back ribs. While the SRF ribs were very good, the Iberico were tastier, tenderer and simply delicious. There's not a huge amount of meat on these ribs, but what there is is simple better than anything else.

Delicious Ribs

Excellent baby back ribs. Well worth the price. As other have stated, a little smaller in size but the flavor is incredible.