Frozen Lobster Mushrooms

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The lobster mushroom is a meaty mushroom, meatier in fact than most portabello mushrooms. They are red like cooked lobsters and are sweet, delicate, and delicious. Because their flavor evokes seafood, they pair well with fish and shellfish.  These mushrooms grow in abundance in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, and they are only found in natural areas with living trees.

Freezing lobster mushrooms better preserves their flavor and texture than drying, allowing you to enjoy them year round in a form almost as good as fresh.


Store frozen mushrooms in your freezer until you're ready to use them, then thaw.


Frozen lobster mushrooms can be thawed and cooked as you would fresh lobster mushrooms. They are slightly crunchy and are particularly good in egg and milk dishes like frittatas and quiches. They also pair very well with seafood.

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