Fresh Wild Lobster Mushrooms

2 - 10 lbs
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The lobster mushroom is a meaty mushroom, meatier in fact than most portabello mushrooms. They are red like cooked lobsters and have a seafood-esque flavor that's sweet, delicate, and delicious. These mushrooms grow in abundance in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, and they are only found in natural areas with living trees.



Store fresh mushrooms in your refrigerator wrapped in a paper bag. For long term storage & preservation ideas, read How to Freeze, Can & Dehydrate Fresh Mushrooms.

Shelf Life:

Up to ten days fresh. A year or longer sliced & dried. Several months frozen.


Lobster mushrooms are often paired with seafood or used to add flavors evoking seafood to dishes without any actual fish. They particularly pair well with milk and/or eggs.

Before cooking, clean them gently with a damp paper towel to remove dirt. Do not soak them.

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