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Fresh Wild Mushroom Sampler

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Approximately 6 lbs. | Free Shipping

Our Fresh Wild Mushroom Sampler is a selection of whichever wild mushrooms are popping up in the forest this week, and right now that includes the following (though substitutes may be made): 

Chanterelle Mushrooms - 3lbs
Lobster Mushrooms - 3lbs


Approximately 6 lbs.


  • Fresh
  • Wild
  • Sustainably Hand-Foraged
  • Top Grade


Varies with Contents


Pacific Northwest, USA


Store fresh mushrooms in your refrigerator wrapped in a paper bag. For long term storage & preservation ideas, read How to Freeze, Can & Dehydrate Fresh Mushrooms.

Shelf Life:

Up to ten days fresh. A year or longer sliced & dried. Several months frozen.

Before cooking with wild mushrooms, clean them gently with a damp paper towel to remove dirt. Do not soak them.

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1 Review

Cook at home

Great mix of mushrooms, and given they were fresh I had significant life and heaps of dishes to try out. My only complaint was that I got 1lb of the black trumpets vs. getting another kind... but that was only because I like trying new items. I have received the other sampler and are having fun with each of the 4 types included with that.