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Fresh sage’s large leaves have a soft, almost mossy texture and a potent earthy-peppery flavor. This herb is often used when cooking poultry & meats like chicken, game (particularly wild boar) & pork. It’s particularly good at cutting the fattiness of waterfowl like duck and goose.

This bulk sage is fine-dining restaurant quality, so it is fresher and higher quality than the fresh herbs found in most grocery stores.

The non-organic variety is common sage.  The organic variety can be either common sage or beer garden sage (aka biergarten sage), depending on availability.

There are approximately 100 sprigs per each pound of sage and each sprig is roughly 5 inches long. 


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Available Year Round


Store fresh sage in a zip top bag in your refrigerator crisper.

For long term storage of sage we recommend drying it. Home-dried sage will be much more flavorful than what’s for sale in most grocery stores. Remove the leaves from the stalks and dry them in direct sunlight in a single layer in a shallow box, tossing daily, until they crisp up.

Shelf Life:

Up to two weeks fresh, one year dried.

Because whole sage leaves can be rather potent, they are often finely shredded or diced prior to use outside of marinades.

Ingredients commonly paired with sage include: tomatoes, veal liver, eggplant, mutton, white beans, squash (butternut & pumpkin) and nutmeg.

Sage is a great addition to homemade sausage recipes, and is a major element in the flavor of most American breakfast sausage. Whole sage leaves are often deep fried until crisp or sautéed in butter for use as a garnish or inclusion in gnocchi and pasta dishes.

An example of a dish showcasing the flavor of fresh sage is Saltimbocca (an Italian word translating to “jump in the mouth,” a reference to the flavor of the whole sage leaves used). Saltimbocca is a dish where chicken or veal cutlets are pounded thin, layered on one side with whole sage leaves and prosciutto, and dipped in seasoned flour before being pan fried. The dish is usually finished with a white wine & cream or crème fraiche-based pan sauce.

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