Camel Burgers

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Throw a new meat on your grill that you can be almost certain friends and family have never tried before! Camel meat has a flavor similar to beef, but more mild with a slight sweetness. In general it is a low fat, high moisture meat with a beef-like texture. These camel burgers are made with a 85/15 lean/fat blend.

This camel meat is harvested from adult male feral camels (1-5 years old - considered ideal for meat) living wild in Australia. All Australian camel meat is irradiated as part of processing in Australia.


Store camel burgers in your freezer, then thaw as many as you need before cooking.

Thawing Tips


Camel burgers can be prepared similarly to beef burgers, or pulled apart into ground camel meat for use similarly to ground beef in pasta sauce, meatloaf, meatball, taco & other recipes.

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