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Basil blossoms are an edible flower garnish in the form of straight stalks with tiny white or lavender flowers.  Besides their beautiful appearance, they offer a powerful basil aroma.  They are not always consumed, however, as they can be bitter.

Usually these basil sprigs are from purple basil and have lavender-colored blossoms.  However, if available, green basil sprigs with white flowers may be included as part of your order.  Feel free to contact us to check which varieties are currently available.



Store edible basil blossoms in your refrigerator in their plastic clamshell.

Shelf Life:

Up to 6 days.


Edible basil blossoms are most often used to garnish as a whole stalk. However, portions of the stalk can also be pinched off and sprinkled over dishes. Try them as a garnish for seafood (especially nigiri sushi), soups, desserts, cocktails and tomato salads.

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