Fresh Cilantro Flowers

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Cilantro flowers are sold as delicate young cilantro sprigs (approx. 3”-6” long) with fine leaves and one or more bunches of tiny white blossoms on top of them (bunches are about ½” wide). 

They have a fresh, clean cilantro flavor.  The sprigs are edible and have a less intense version of the flowers’ flavor.

Bulk fresh cilantro and cilantro microgreens are also available.



Store cilantro flowers in their plastic clamshells in your refrigerator.

Shelf Life:

5-6 days.


Cilantro flowers can be used as a garnish for any foods that pair well with fresh cilantro like poultry, pork, curries, tacos, etc.

The attached cilantro sprigs can be used similarly to full grown cilantro as a topping/finishing ingredient. The tender branches can be pinched off of the stems for use whole, or the whole sprigs can be chopped.

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