Baby Candy Beets

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Candy beets (aka candy cane beets, chioggia beets) are a special variegated variety with alternating concentric red & white rings.  Baby candy beets are each roughly the size of a golf ball.

Though they can be cooked as you would other beet varieties, candy beets are best used raw so the red color doesn’t bleed into the white rings.  They are a stunning addition to salads and side dishes (usually thinly sliced).

Beets are a rich source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  They are generally regarded as good for the heart and circulatory (vascular) system and may help reduce the risk of liver disease.


24 bunches, approximately 3-5 beets per bunch


  • Greens Attached


USA or Mexico (Depending on Availability)


Store baby candy beets in your refrigerator. Because the attached greens can draw moisture from the root, remove them from the root (leaving about an inch attached) soon after arrival to promote a longer shelf life.

Shelf Life:

Approximately one week. Once separated from the root, the greens will last a few days.

Beets should be peeled prior to being served (raw or cooked).  Most people cook them with the skin on, as they’re easier to peel once cooked and the skin can help protect the interior of the beet while it’s cooking.

While candy beets can be cooked (roasted, boiled or pickled) or served raw similarly to other beet varieties, cooking can damage their appearance by allowing the pigment to bleed from the pink sections into the white sections.

For the best appearance, very thinly slice peeled candy beets using a sharp knife, v-slicer or mandoline, then serve raw in salads, as a finishing ingredient for cooked dishes, etc.  They can also be grated.

Pair raw candy beets with ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, lemon, tarragon, vinaigrettes (made with balsamic vinegar or cider vinegar), lemon, orange, walnuts, dill, shallots, blue cheese, and/or goat cheese.

How to Make a Vinaigrette

Beet greens are edible (but should be well rinsed to remove grit) and can be sautéed for a quick, easy and tasty side dish.

Beet Recipes

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