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Tarragon (aka dragon’s-wort, estragon) is a delicate, long-leaved herb that imparts a potent anise/licorice flavor to dishes. It is most commonly associated with classical French cuisine, where it is found in famous applications like béarnaise sauce and fines herbes.

This bulk tarragon is fine-dining restaurant quality, so it is fresher and higher quality than the fresh herbs found in most grocery stores. Approximately 150 sprigs per pound.


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Store fresh tarragon in a zip top bag in your crisper.

For long term storage of tarragon, we recommend freezing the sprigs individually using the method described in How to Freeze Better at Home. The tarragon will likely go limp and lose some of its color, but its flavor will be preserved.

Shelf Life:

Up to four days fresh, several months frozen.

Like many fresh herbs, fresh tarragon’s flavor will not withstand prolonged exposure to heat. Because of this it should be added either at or near the end of the cooking process.

Tarragon is most commonly paired with chicken, fish, shellfish, eggs, tomatoes, potatoes and/or lemon. It’s particularly popular as a flavoring for infused vinegar, mustard and vinegar-based sauces. The most famous tarragon sauce, béarnaise (essentially a tarragon vinegar-flavored hollandaise) is particularly good on beef, seafood, and potato dishes.

Generally tarragon’s use is limited to savory applications rather than desserts, but some chefs are experimenting with using it with chocolate, apricots, melons (particularly muskmelon), or in ice creams.

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