Black Radishes

10 lbs
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Black radishes are an extremely large variety, growing up to three or four inches in diameter and resembling a turnip. They have black or extremely dark brown skin on the outside, but are creamy white on the inside.

One of the spicier radish varieties, black radishes’ sharp, spicy, and slightly acidic bite has been described as approaching that of fresh horseradish.



Store black radishes wrapped in plastic wrap or a plastic bag in the refrigerator.

Shelf Life:

Up to a month.


Black radishes can be eaten raw (to tone down their heat, try salting them first), grilled, braised, stir fried, or sautéed in salads, side dishes, soups, stews and entrees.

In addition to other radish-friendly flavors, try pairing black radishes with fresh herbs (thyme, chervil or parsley), cream, vinegar or seafood.

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