Alligator Andouille Sausage

40 links (about 10 lbs total)
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This andouille sausage is made with a blend of alligator meat, pork, and spices. It’s been hickory smoked for even more flavor.

Ingredients: Alligator, Pork, Water, Garlic, Onions, Salt, Brown Sugar, Spices, Paprika, Sodium Phosphate, Sodium Erythorbate and Sodium Nitrite.


Store alligator sausages in your freezer until you're ready to use them, then thaw only as many packs as you need.

Thawing Tips


Alligator andouille can be substituted for conventional andouille in many recipes. Andouille sausage isn’t usually eaten as a whole link (as a sausage sandwich, for example), but is instead sliced or crumbled as an ingredient in stews, sautéed dishes, soups, crab boils and more.

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