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Live Singing Pink Scallops

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Singing Pink Scallops (Chlamys rubida and/or Chlamys hastata - aka steamer scallops, butterfly scallops, angel scallops, scooter scallops) are a pastel-pink variety of bay scallop that is a rare delicacy from the Pacific Northwest.

The New York Times described their unique flavor thusly:

“Pink scallops, which have a more complex flavor than sea scallops on the East Coast, are less aggressively sweet and they are balanced by a pleasant, oyster-like brininess as well as a nutty flavor usually associated with clams.”
- Fare of the Country; Tiny Pink Scallops from Puget Sound

These beautiful scallops’ shells average about three inches across, with each containing a small, roughly nickel-sized morsel of delicious meat (and possibly, if the season is right, a firm, nutty sac of roe).

Pink Scallops are sometimes referred to as “singing scallops” because of the way they propel themselves through the water by clapping their shells and projecting a jet of water, looking like a singing mouth & emitting a soft popping sound.

Unfortunately their short shelf life and other logistical concerns caused the Puget Sound Pink Scallop fishery to disappear from commercial distribution for 20 years. Thankfully, due to the exacting efforts of Jones Family Farms and Dive Master Joe Stevens over the course of the last seven years, they are finally available (in small quantities) on the market again.

These pink scallops are harvested from the cool waters of Puget Sound between the San Juan Islands. After harvest they are kept happy & alive in tanks until ordered, when they’re shipped overnight directly to you to ensure maximum freshness.

*Note: Though singing scallops can theoretically be harvested year-round, conditions in the water (Red Tide) can periodically make them unavailable for sale. Feel free to contact us with questions. All pink scallops shipped have been tested by the Department of Health to ensure safety.


5lbs (Approx. 15 Scallops Per Pound)


  • Wild
  • Live
  • Shell On
  • May Include Roe (Depending on Season)
  • Hand Harvested


Year Round*


Puget Sound, Washington

Shipping Limitations:

We are unable to ship live scallops to Texas, Louisiana, or Hawaii. Can only ship live pink scallops on Mondays and Thursdays.


Store live pink scallops in a bowl in your refrigerator covered with a damp towel.

About Open Scallops: Unlike oysters and mussels, scallops cannot close completely. Open scallops are not necessarily dead scallops, and if they look dry in their shells, that's actually a good sign.

Your sense of smell is the best guide to whether they're still safe to eat. If they smell off, it's time to throw them out.

Shelf Life:

Live scallops are quite perishable and are best consumed either the day you receive them or the day after. Their maximum shelf life is up to three days after the Ship Date listed on their tag.

Ship Date vs Harvest Date: Because pink scallops are susceptible to Red Tide, all scallops harvested are moved from the ocean to special holding tanks (which keep them alive & happy) while they are tested by the Department of Health. They are only released for shipment once the DoH is sure they are perfectly safe.

As a result, their Harvest Date (when they come out of the ocean) will typically be two or more weeks before their Ship Date (when they come out of the tank). This is normal and not a cause for concern. Use the Ship Date as your guide to freshness.

Pink scallops can be served raw* or cooked similarly to mussels.

Depending on the time of year, it is possible that your scallops will arrive with roe sacs attached to their meat inside their shells – these are edible (and considered a delicacy), cook with the meat, and have a firm texture & nutty flavor.

To prepare live scallops in their shells, steam, sauté, or bake them until they open completely and pull away from the sides of their shells.  Because of their small size, pink scallops’ meat cooks quickly.  Take care not to overcook them, as they will become rubbery instead of tender.

Perhaps the easiest way to cook scallops in their shells is to sauté some garlic and herbs in butter, add some white wine and bring it to a simmer, then add the scallops and cover to steam them.

If you would rather cook them on the half shell (for stuffed scallops, coquilles St. Jacques, etc), steam them just until they open, prepare the meat according to your recipe, and then continue to cook the rest of the way (usually either baking or broiling them).

Scallops can also be “cooked” with acidic ingredients for ceviche.

Pink scallops can be paired with traditional scallop-friendly flavors as you take their less-sweet flavor into account.  Ingredients commonly paired with scallops include citrus fruit, cream, tropical fruit (especially mango), thyme, butter, cilantro, garlic, shrimp, bacon, black pepper, parsley, vinegar, tomato, white wine, wild mushrooms & peppers.

Pink scallops’ gorgeous shells are ideal platform for serving them at the table.

Scallop Recipes

*People with compromised immune systems should not eat raw or partially cooked scallops.

Saving Pink Scallop Shells:
After consuming your scallops, the shells can be scrubbed clean & saved for display or crafting.  Any attached barnacles should fall off when they dry out completely.  For extra shine & durability, some people varnish the shells.

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