Sea Scallops

1 gallon (approximately 8 lbs.) | Free Shipping

Sea scallops are much larger than bay scallops. They’re impressive on the plate, especially when briefly seared in butter so they develop a beautiful brown crust.

These tasty & tender fresh scallops have been completely shucked.  They’re ready to cook and don’t contain the additives often found in wet-packed scallops.  They ship with the roe off.


Choose 10 or fewer per lb./10-20 per lb./20-30 per lb. (approximately 8 lbs.)


  • Fresh
  • Shucked, Roe Off
  • Packed in 1 Gallon Can
  • Dry Packed (Untreated)


Massachusetts, Connecticut or Rhode Island


Store fresh sea scallops in their can with the lid on. They freeze exceptionally well for long term storage.

Shelf Life:

Approximately 5-7 days refrigerated, several months frozen.

Chefs commonly sear scallops in butter in a nonstick pan (sometimes wrapped with bacon), then serve them with a sauce and sides.  They can also be poached, grilled, baked, smoked, or served in sushi.  They can also be “cooked” with acidic ingredients for ceviche.

Ingredients commonly paired with scallops include citrus fruit, cream, tropical fruit (especially mango), thyme, butter, cilantro, garlic, shrimp, bacon, black pepper, parsley, vinegar, tomato, white wine, wild mushrooms & peppers.

Take care not to overcook scallops, as they will tighten and become rubbery.

Scallop Recipes

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These scallops were positively deicious. They are equally as good as any fine qourmet restaurant that we have ever been to. Fine quisine as a far more than a reasonable price