Micro Italian Mix™

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The Italian mix combines a variety of microherbs for a flavor profile that matches well with Italian dishes along with a visually appealing blend of different leaf shapes and colors.

This mix contains the following microgreens:


Micro Amaranth
Micro Arugula Sylvetta
Micro Basil
Micro Chives
Micro Tuscan Kale
Micro Oregano
Micro Parsley
Micro Thyme


Want to try several varieties of microgreens in separate clamshells rather than mixed in a blend? Check out our microgreen samplers!


Choose 4oz., 8oz., or 16oz.


  • Freshly Cut




Store microgreen mixes in your refrigerator in their clamshells until you’re ready to use them.

Shelf Life:

Up to 9-10 days.


Use the Italian mix to finish a wide variety of dishes featuring savory Italian flavors to lighten them visually, texturally and in terms of flavor.

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