Micro Lemon Basil

3 - 12 oz
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Lemon basil (aka hoary basil, kenmangi) is often used in North-East African and South Asian cuisine to flavor savory dishes, but chefs are also experimenting with it in sweet applications. Lemon basil microgreens are the juvenile version of this herb and possess more subtle flavor and tender texture. Their leaves are longer and more pointed than those of micro sweet basil.

Burgundy colored micro opal basil is also available.



Lemon basil microgreens should be kept in their plastic clamshell in the fridge until you are ready to use them.

Shelf Life:

Generally between 5-7 days.


Although it is traditionally used in Laotian, Malaysian, Thai, Persian and Moroccan dishes, micro lemon basil can be used to garnish and flavor any dish where its lemony flavor would be appropriate (including creamy desserts like ice cream).

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