Micro Epazote

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Epazote (aka Hedge Mustard, Jerusalem Parsley) is an herb used in South & Central America for its strong resinous-citrus flavor.  Epazote microgreens are more tender with a less intense flavor.  They can be used as a garnish for a wide variety of dishes, imparting a citrusy, slightly peppery flavor.

Mature fresh epazote is also available by the pound.



Store micro epazote in your refrigerator in its plastic clamshell.

Shelf Life:

In general, microgreens will stay fresh for 5-7 days. Some hardier varieties can last longer.


Use epazote microgreens as a refreshing garnish for almost any dish, especially ones where you want to introduce a slightly citrusy flavor and aroma.

Mature epazote is often used in quesadillas, tamales, enchiladas, soups, bean dishes, mole-sauced dishes and sopes, making micro epazote a good choice for garnishing them.

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