Baby Pineapples

Approximately 8 baby pineapples | Free Shipping

Despite their name, baby pineapples aren’t immature pineapples at all, but rather a specific miniature variety also known as Queen Victoria Pineapples.

They average about 4.5” tall (plus leaves) by 3.5” in diameter, and unlike conventional pineapples are completely edible on the inside (no tough core to remove!). Each pineapple is just the right size for a single serving. Baby pineapples are a lower acid, sweeter variety.


Approximately 8 baby pineapples


Year Round


Central/South America and USA


Store baby pineapples in the refrigerator.

Shelf Life:

Up to ten days.

Use baby pineapples in dishes and with flavors where you would use conventional pineapples. Cut them in ways that display their size and appearance (halves or skin & leaf on long wedges) for interesting presentations. Try throwing halves or wedges on the grill!

Baby Pineapple Recipes

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The baby pineapples were perfect! I have trouble locating them in stores, but will never have to worry again thanks to Marx Food!