Fresh Pasilla Chiles (Chilaca)

Approximately 10 lbs.
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Approximately 10 lbs.

Scoville Heat Rating:

1,000-1,500 (chile heat scale)


Fresh pasilla chiles (aka chilaca chilies) are a long, slender variety that tends to grow 6”-9” long and about an inch wide.  They are slightly sweet with mild to low-medium heat.  They often grow twisted or curved and are dark green when young & dark brown when fully mature. 

These chilies can be very difficult to find fresh in the US, as they are more commonly used dried in moles, adobos, etc. Fresh poblanos are sometimes mislabeled “pasilla chiles,” but are quite different.

Dried pasilla negro chilies, granulated pasilla chilies, and pasilla negro chile powder are also available.



Store fresh pasilla chilies in your refrigerator.

Shelf Life:

10-12 days.


Fresh pasilla chilies are often roasted over an open flame (how to roast chilies), then their outer skin is peeled off and they are seeded & de-stemmed before being used in recipes. Try using them in soups, egg dishes, sauces, vegetable side dishes and tamales.

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