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There may be no herb equal to fresh oregano on pizza, and many Americans consider it an important part of tomato sauce, but it is actually also used in Indian, Turkish, Greek, Portuguese and Tex-Mex food. It is an herb unusually high in antioxidants.

Oregano is closely related to marjoram, which has a similar but milder & sweeter flavor.

This bulk oregano is fine-dining restaurant quality, so it is fresher and higher quality than the fresh herbs found in most grocery stores.

The non-organic variety offered is Mexican oregano, but organic orders are fulfilled with either Italian or Greek oregano (selected based on availability).


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Available Year Round


Store oregano in a zip-top bag in your refrigerator crisper drawer.

For long term storage of oregano, drying it on the stem is highly recommended. Hang the oregano until it dries (you could use your oven or a dehydrator in a pinch), strip off the leaves, and store them in an air-tight container in a dark, dry cupboard.

Shelf Life:

Up to five days fresh, a year dried.

Oregano leaves are usually stripped from the sprig and added to dishes. Flavors oregano pairs well with include tomatoes, lamb, kalamata or green olives, quail, garlic, feta cheese, bell peppers, pork, potatoes, seafood, rabbit, and eggplant.

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