Fresh Mission Figs

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Figs are vase-shaped moist & crunchy growths that develop from the flower stem of the fig tree (Ficus carica). Originating wild, small, and dry in westernmost Asia, they spread to the Mediterranean where they began to be cultivated and developed into the large, moist delicacies we're familiar with today.

While we eat the whole fig, much of it technically isn't fruit, but instead a protective covering for the true fruit – the crunchy “seeds” inside. Each fig can house up to 1,500 of these tiny fruits, which are called achenes.

Mission figs are a black variety with a sweet, musky, deep fig flavor. They’re delightfully succulent and a delicious addition to a wide range of sweet & savory dishes.

Besides being delicious, figs are also high in fiber, iron, calcium (for a fruit) and vitamin B. They also contain antioxidants.


Approximately 6 lbs.


April to November


California, New Zealand, or Chile, depending on availability.


Store mission figs in your refrigerator.

Figs are very fragile and bruise easily. Handle them with care.

Shelf Life:

Up to seven days.

Figs can be enjoyed simply halved or quartered with goat cheese, whipped cream, slivers of gorgonzola, or yogurt with or without accompaniments like honey, berries, nuts (especially almonds or walnuts) or orange.

Figs are a great addition to cheese plates and/or cured meats (prosciutto is a classic pairing).  Try thinly slicing or dicing them for use on pizza.

In more complex dishes, try pairing them with nuts (especially almonds or walnuts) and/or strong meats like duck, lamb, wild boar & pork.

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