Fresh Snapdragons

50 - 100 pieces (avail. in organic or non-organic)
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Snapdragons have a soft, fuzzy texture and a unique shape with a deeply cupped blossom.  These snapdragons have been grown specifically to be food safe.  Their flavor is similar to other flowers - herby, grassy, and somewhat bitter.

They are sold as a mixed color blend.  The conventional blend can vary with availability but usually includes many of these colors: yellow, light pink, dark pink, magenta, red, purple magenta, and white.  The organic blend can include pink, white and/or yellow.



Store edible snapdragons in your refrigerator in their plastic clamshell.

Shelf Life:

4-5 days.


Edible snapdragons can simply be used as a garnish to bring bright color to your dishes or used to decorate buffets and banquets. To add a little shine and extra flavor, they can be candied. Try using them to decorate cakes!

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