Fresh Cucumber Flowers

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Cucumber blossoms have a delicate, cucumber-esque flavor with yellow petals that have a paper-y, but tender texture.  They’re a beautiful garnish for all sorts of dishes.



Store flowers in their clamshell in your refrigerator.

Shelf Life:

Approximately 4-5 days.


Cucumber flowers are a beautiful, tasty garnish for a wide variety of dishes & cocktails.  Their delicate cucumber flavor makes them a great choice for salads or cold appetizers.  Try pairing them with flavors like dill, gin,  garlic, salmon, mint and/or tomatoes.

Some edible flowers may wilt or change color when exposed to vinegar, so if using a vinegar-based dressing on salads containing edible flowers, test it on a few blossoms ahead of time and/or add it at the last second.

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