Maytag Blue Cheese

1 piece (about 5 lbs)
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One wheel (Approx. 5 lbs).


Newton, Iowa


Originally known for their now-defunct appliance company, the Maytag family continues to be famous for their blue cheese. Before a process for creating Roquefort-style cow’s milk blue cheese on a commercial scale in America was developed at the University of Iowa in 1938, it was believed impossible. The Maytag family was the first to license this technique, and have been using it since 1941 to create their award winning cheese. Each wheel of green veined Maytag Blue cheese is hand-made using Iowa cows’ milk and cave aged.

Note: The colored veins in blue cheeses are the result of inoculation with Penicillium roqueforti, which is in the same family of molds that produce penicillin. While those with penicillin allergies need not worry about reactions, the presence of the mold in this cheese can dilute medical penicillin’s effectiveness if consumed while taking this antibiotic.


Store in the fridge wrapped tightly in foil and plastic wrap to keep the cheese moist and protect other foodstuffs from absorbing its potent odor.


This powerful blue cheese is best enjoyed on mild crackers where its flavor can shine unchallenged.

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