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Point Reyes Blue Cheese

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Although commercial production of Point Reyes blue cheese only began in 2000, it has quickly become a culinary standard for American blue cheeses. It has been aged a minimum of 6 months prior to leaving the production facility.

As an all-natural farmstead cheese, it is produced using only milk from the company’s on-facility herd of cows, ensuring extremely fresh milk daily. Point Reyes production uses vegetable based rennet to create the curds, meaning that it is completely vegetarian. Point Reyes cheese has also been certified as kosher dairy.

Note: The colored veins in blue cheeses are the result of inoculation with Penicillium roqueforti, which is in the same family of molds that produce penicillin. While those with penicillin allergies need not worry about reactions, the presence of the mold in this cheese can dilute medical penicillin’s effectiveness if consumed while taking this antibiotic.


Six pounds total


Point Reyes, California

Storage: Keep Point Reyes cheese in the fridge wrapped in its original foil and additional plastic wrap.

Shelf Life: Up to six weeks.

Point Reyes is ideal for cheese plates, where it should always be served at room temperature for maximum flavor. However, it also pairs well with pasta, either as a filling or as part of a cream sauce.

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