Whole Sockeye Salmon

approx. 20 lbs total
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Wild Sockeye salmon (aka red salmon) have the reddest meat of all the other salmon species. The fat level is a bit lower than that of King salmon, so the fish is flavorful, but not quite as rich. They also have firm flesh and a medium flake size.

Sockeyes also eat low on the food chain. Unlike the other salmon species, Sockeyes mostly feed on plankton and other tiny aquatic organisms, rather than smaller fish.

Whole sockeye salmon offer a fillet yield of approximately 60-70%, so cutting 30lbs of whole salmon into fillets will likely result in approximately 20lbs of fillets.


Store frozen sockeye salmon in your freezer until you're ready to use it, then thaw before cooking.

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Salmon is a wonderful fish that can be prepared in an endless number of ways. It can be broiled, smoked, baked, fried, and grilled. It can also be served in salads, sandwiches, or in pasta.

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