Our Mission


To be delicious, honest, authentic, transparent, and objective.

To connect our customers to the source of the finest and freshest food products available and empower them with information to make decisions depending on their health, desires, and food politics.

To provide small farmers, fishermen, foragers, ranchers and artisans with access to a national market. To represent them accurately and be fair.

To maintain an office culture of professional growth, healthy work/life balance, and palate development. To cultivate a challenging work environment where the traditional distinction between work and play is blurred.


To be conscious of, and seek to minimize, our footprint on the planet. It’s hard to do, but we’re trying…and we’re getting better all the time.


To endeavor to feature & promote products from vendors with high animal husbandry and environmental standards.

In General

Be delicious, foresee food trends, sell the star of the meal, talk and listen to customers.