Grade B Foie Gras

10 pieces (12 pounds total)
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Foie gras is grouped into three quality grades: A, B & C. Grade B foie is not as perfect as Grade A, with a softer texture, and may exhibit some light bruising and more visible veins. It can be used in slice and sear applications, though it will likely render out more fat than Grade A foie.


Keep foie gras frozen until you’re ready to use it, then thaw and use within two days.

Thawing Tips


Before cooking, remove any visible veins (more common in grades B & C).

How to Prepare Foie Gras – Text Instructions

In the French tradition, foie gras is typically soaked in lightly salted water or milk for up to two hours before rinsing & cooking.

Pair foie gras with flavors like truffles (fresh truffles or white truffle oil), cloves, nutmeg, allspice or fruit (especially apples, figs, or grapes).

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