Grade B Foie Gras

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Foie gras comes in three quality grades: A, B & C. Grade A, the finest, is extremely smooth and delicate. It is the grade best suited to slicing & quick searing.

Foie gras is French for “fatty liver” and that is exactly what it is: fattened duck liver, usually from the Moulard breed. It is prized by many for its famously buttery, soft, creamy texture, achieved by finishing the ducks on a corn mash through a process known as gavage. It’s an ancient technique that takes advantage of the ducks’ natural ability to store excess energy in their livers before flying south for the winter. The Egyptians and the Romans typically fattened duck livers with figs.

This foie gras is fresh harvested and blast frozen. Foie gras processed in this manner retains its cellular structure fully intact producing a product of excellent texture and consistent quality, with less rendered fat loss during cooking.


10 vacuum sealed pieces (approximately 15 lbs.)



New York, USA

Keep foie gras frozen until you’re ready to use it, then thaw and use within two days.

Thawing Tips

Before cooking, remove any visible veins (more common in grades B & C).



How to Prepare Foie Gras – Text Instructions

In the French tradition, foie gras is typically soaked in lightly salted water or milk for up to two hours before rinsing & cooking.

Pair foie gras with flavors like truffles (fresh truffles or white truffle oil), cloves, nutmeg, allspice or fruit (especially apples, figs, or grapes).

Foie Gras Recipes

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