Boneless Turtle Meat

approx. 50 lbs total | Free Shipping

Turtle meat is high in protein with very little fat and almost no carbohydrates. This turtle meat is boneless and comes from fresh water snapping turtles. The flavor of turtle meat can vary with the location on the animal and how it's prepared, sometimes evoking beef or veal, and other times reminiscent of fish.

Turtle meat has a prominent place in the history of American cuisine. Turtle soup was likely part of the pilgrims’ first Thanksgiving feast. Throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, it was often served at presidential inaugurations and could be found as a staple on the menus of many fancy restaurants. To this day, turtle remains a popular meat in soups such as gumbo.


Ten 5lb packs




Iowa or Georgia

Keep turtle meat frozen until the day you're planning on cooking it.

Thawing Tips

Turtle meat is great in gumbos and in soups. Try pairing it with ingredients like sherry, lime, egg, marjoram, basil, chervil, savory, and/or fennel.

Turtle Recipes

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