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Black Cod (Sable) Fillets

5 - 7 fillets (about 10 lbs total)


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5-7 fillets (Approx. 10lbs total).


Wild Caught
Skin On


Available year round


Alaska, Canada, Washington, Oregon, Russia, Korea, or Japan, depending on season.

Black Cod (also known as Sablefish, Butterfish, Bluefish, Blue Cod, Candlefish or Gindara) is prized by chefs around the world (particularly in Japan) for its mild and gentle flavor, contrasting black skin which crisps up beautifully when pan-seared, and soft, moist texture.

Lean, with a large flake, black cod fillets are a very faint pink when raw and opaque white once cooked. They are often paired with Asian-style flavors high in umami, ginger, and citrus, but because of this fish's excellent eating qualities do not need much embellishment.

Storage: Store black cod fillets in your refrigerator.
Shelf Life: 3-5 days.

Black cod's flakey texture, thin skin and rich flavor lend themselves particularly well to pan searing (how to pan sear fish), but these fillets can also be smoked, steamed, broiled or baked.
Ingredients that pair well with black cod fillets include mushrooms (particularly wild mushrooms or shiitakes), garlic, light & dark miso paste, ginger, citrus fruit, soy sauce, shiso leaves, and/or lightly pickled vegetables (how to quick pickle).
How to Remove Fish Skin (if desired - sablefish skin is edible)
Black Cod Recipes
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