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Fresh Baby Dill

1 - 5 lbs (avail. in organic or non-organic)

Starting At $61

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Choose 1, 2, or 5lbs


Available either organic or conventionally raised
Freshly cut & cleaned


Available Year Round

Fresh dill (aka dill weed) is a delicate relative of parsley with a distinctive sweet, aromatic flavor commonly used with seafood and pickles. Dill is an important herb in Central/Eastern European and Scandinavian cuisines.
This bulk dill is fine-dining restaurant quality, so it is fresher and higher quality than the fresh herbs found in most grocery stores. Baby dill is even more delicate in texture and appearance than older dill.

Storage: Baby dill is very delicate, and should be lightly misted with cool water, wrapped loosely in paper towels, and placed in a zip-top bag in your crisper. It wilts easily, so if perfect presentation is important it should be used immediately after you receive it.
For long term storage, fresh dill can be dried, however it will lose much of its flavor. Freezing on the sprig provides better flavored results, but will make it limp and darker in color. To freeze dill sprigs, lay them out on a chilled baking sheet following the instructions in How to Freeze Better at Home, then package in a zip-top bag once frozen.

Shelf Life: Up to one week fresh, two months frozen.

The most common dill pairing is with seafood (particularly salmon), and it plays a major role in the flavor of traditional gravlax salmon.  However, dill also works very well with a wide variety of produce, including beets, carrots, cucumbers, cabbage, cauliflower, and beans.
More unusual dill pairings include eggs, veal, bell peppers, crayfish, and lamb.
Use fresh dill to brighten up veggie dips (particularly dips based on sour cream) or stir some in to tuna or potato salads. It can be used to flavor pickling brines, but will impart a different flavor to the finished pickles than is found in most store bought varieties.

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