Lamb Racks

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New Zealand’s lamb has built an international reputation for flavor and tenderness. Frenched rack of lamb is widely considered one of the most elegant cuts of meat available, and can be served either as a whole rack or cut into individual chops.

Lamb has a delicately assertive flavor and a succulent texture. It is a great source of quality protein, vitamins, and minerals.


Store lamb racks in your freezer until you're ready to use them, then thaw only as many as you need.

Thawing Tips


Lamb racks are often roasted whole, turned into crown roasts, or sliced into chops for grilling, broiling, or roasting. They are often crusted with herbs and/or spices for extra flavor. Check out our herb crusted lamb rack recipe for a good example.

Lamb Recipes

Recommended Cooking Temps:

Rare - 135°

Medium Rare - 140°-150°

Medium - 140°-145°

Medium Well - 160°

Well Done - 165° and above

Though these lamb racks arrive professionally trimmed, there are other ways you can further clean them for a different look on the plate. See Lamb Rack Butchery Tips for directions on how to debone lamb racks or further clean them into fancy "lamb spider racks."