Organic Wheatgrass

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This organic wheatgrass is grown in a tightly controlled indoor environment, ensuring it is available year round. Because each order only contains freshly cut wheatgrass blades, you aren’t paying to ship roots, dirt, or water – just wheat grass.

Each pound of organic wheatgrass was harvested from 300 square inches of growing grass. As a rough estimate, each pound will likely produce 10-12 shots of juice.

Wheatgrass is not generally eaten whole. Instead it is juiced for its nutrients, and that juice is either drunk straight (as a wheat grass shot) or added to drinks, juices, and smoothies. It tastes grassy with a hint of mint flavor and is widely considered to be a health food because of its chlorophyll, vitamin E, and vitamin B12 content. Because of this, wheatgrass is consumed in juice and smoothie shops across the United States. Many people believe that wheat grass has detoxification properties.



Store wheatgrass in its plastic clamshells in your refrigerator.

Shelf Life:

7-10 days.


The primary use for fresh wheat grass is to run it through a juicer to create fresh wheatgrass juice. This juice is commonly consumed as a shot, but can also be mixed with other juices or added to smoothies.