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Small Quahog Clams

25 - 100 pieces

Starting At $79

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Choose 25, 50, or 100 pieces and Littlenecks, Middlenecks, or Topnecks (see size info below)


Naturally Longer Shelf Life
Pre-Cleansed of Grit & Sand


Rhode Island, Maine, or Connecticut depending on availability

Shipping Limitations:

We are unable to ship live shellfish to Louisiana or Hawaii.

The quintessential east coast clam, the quahog clam (aka quahaug, round clam, hard-shell clam) is much beloved throughout New England.  Available in a wide variety of sizes, these clams are the variety of choice for traditional clam dishes like chowders, clam strips, stuffed clams and more.  These clams are shipped live, ensuring they arrive on your doorstep fresh and delicious.

Available Sizes:

Littlenecks – 10-12 per pound
Middlenecks – 8-10 per pound
Topnecks – 5-7 per pound

Generally the smaller the clam is, the more tender its meat.  Littlenecks are so tender and sweet that they can be served raw,* while the largest clams are best chopped or ground (see Recipes & Tips tab for size-specific info).

These clams have been stored in a high tech refrigerated flowing seawater system post harvest that keeps them fresher, tastier, and alive longer than other clams on the market.  While in this wet holding area, they naturally clean themselves of sand, bacteria and grit by filtering the clean seawater. 

*People with compromised immune systems should not eat raw or partially cooked clams.

Storage:  If you will be eating your clams soon after arrival, you can simply store them in a bowl in your refrigerator covered with a damp towel. 

For ideal longer term storage, you may want to keep them on ice.  See how to store shellfish for a tutorial.

Shelf Life: 5-7 days from date shipped

Quahog clams are extremely versatile as a species, but because size often correlates to tenderness, their best applications vary with their size.

Littlenecks: Live littlenecks can be served raw* with their “liquor” on the half shell* (as you would oysters), or gently steamed just until they open for use in pastas, finished soups, and other dishes. 

Middlenecks: Live middlenecks can be served raw on the half shell,* breaded and fried, added to pasta dishes, or baked for culinary classics like Clams Casino (on the half shell with breadcrumbs, bacon, garlic, and other ingredients).

Topnecks: Use topnecks in soups, stews, or baked dishes.

How to Steam Clams
How to Open a Clam
Clam Recipes

*People with compromised immune systems should not eat raw or partially cooked clams.

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