Lamb Trim

approx. 60 lbs total
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Tender lamb meat plays well with a variety of flavors, making it an ideal sausage meat. The most popular cut for making lamb sausages is trim because of its affordability. You can also use this trim to make your own ground lamb, which is particularly good when spiced and used to make lamb burgers.

We also sell lamb sausages if you’d prefer to buy pre-made sausages.


Keep trim frozen until you're ready to use it, then thaw the entire block. We recommend using it to make a bunch of game sausages at once. Once turned into bulk sausage or sausage links it can be refrozen.

Thawing Tips

Refreezing Tips


Grind this trim thawed but cold using a meat grinder or attachment on your mixer. Mix with complimentary flavors of your choice and either use as sausage patties or pack the sausage into sausage casings to make links.

Flavors we recommend for lamb sausage making include cumin, fennel pollen, mint and other herbs, mustard, cardamom, and wine. For spicy sausages, consider adding ground dried peppers.

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