Kurobuta Caul Fat

Two - 5 lbs bags (10 lbs total)
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Caul fat can be used in roasted, pan-roasted, or sautéed dishes to hold ingredients together and/or impart additional moisture during the cooking process (a technique called “barding” which can also be done with bacon). Dishes commonly wrapped include meat roulades, pates, and stuffed chops.

As a barding ingredient, it can be used on liver slices, lean game meats like venison and kangaroo, or small game birds (pheasants or quail) to help prevent them drying out during the cooking process.

Finally, caul fat can be used instead of sausage casings as to wrap seasoned sausage meat.

To ready caul fat for use, thaw it completely, then soak briefly in warm water with a touch of white vinegar. Once it has softened, gently pat it dry and stretch it over your ingredients before proceeding with the rest of your recipe.