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Kurobuta Caul Fat

Two - 5 lbs bags (10 lbs total)

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Two 5lb bags (Approx. 10lbs total).


100% Verified Berkshire Breed
Vacuum Packed


Midwest, US

Caul fat (aka lace fat, mesentery, crepine) is a thin fatty membrane from the lining of the pig’s stomach used by chefs to wrap sausages, roulades, crepinettes and other items before cooking.  The caul holds these items together while melting into the surface of the food, keeping it moist.

It is also used merely to keep leaner meats and game birds moist during the cooking process, similarly to wrapping them in bacon, but without imparting such a strong additional flavor.

This caul fat has been harvested from Kurobuta pigs (aka Berkshire pigs) a rare breed that has long been bred in England and Japan for flavor and more marbled meat. The result is some of the finest pork in the world, sometimes referred to as “The Kobe Beef of Pork.”

Caul fat is quite perishable and should be kept frozen until the day you plan on using it.  For thawing tips, please read Safely Defrosting Frozen Food for Maximum Flavor.

Caul fat can be used in roasted, pan-roasted, or sautéed dishes to hold ingredients together and/or impart additional moisture during the cooking process (a technique called “barding” which can also be done with bacon).  Dishes commonly wrapped include meat roulades, pates, and stuffed chops.

As a barding ingredient, it can be used on liver slices, lean game meats like venison and kangaroo, or small game birds (pheasants or quail) to help prevent them drying out during the cooking process.

Finally, caul fat can be used instead of sausage casings as to wrap seasoned sausage meat.

To ready caul fat for use, thaw it completely, then soak briefly in warm water with a touch of white vinegar.  Once it has softened, gently pat it dry and stretch it over your ingredients before proceeding with the rest of your recipe.

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