Staff Picks

katy perterson

Katy Peterson

General Manager

Katy loves cozy, comforting meals like burritos and pasta with wild mushrooms. We love her quirky, charming sense of humor.
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ryan clark

Ryan Clark

Creative Director

The quiet-yet-mighty head of the Creative team, Ryan knows cocktails and he knows spicy food. Rest assured that when he recommends either, it’s with good reason.
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matthew johnson

Matthew Johnson

Food Writer

Matthew’s lucky he found this job, because otherwise he’d be talking & writing about food for free like a sucker.
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reed buchanan

Reed Buchanan

eCommerce Manager

Reed sometimes wakes up in a cold sweat over finding obscure delicacies for cutting edge restaurants. We’re not entirely sure he goes home at night.
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annie lalish

Annie Lalish

Marketing Assistant

Annie is an aspiring photographer. She has a talent for arranging tiny pieces of food in elaborate, beautiful tableaus.
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reid boudreau

Reid Boudreau


Reid brought a case of tiny gummy bears to work as a baby announcement. We hope he has more children in future.
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