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While many of the popular nut varieties originated elsewhere in the world and were eventually brought to the US, pecans are an American original. They are a soft nut variety with a buttery, bittersweet flavor and a creamy texture. They’re particularly prized in the South, where they are used in iconic sweets like pecan pie, pralines, and butter pecan ice cream.

Pecan halves are the whole nutmeat and are the most highly prized form of the shelled nut. Because they have not been broken or chopped prior to sale, they tend to last longer and offer a better texture and flavor than pecans sold as smaller pieces.

Pecans (like walnuts, their distant cousins) are a nut variety particularly high in oil & healthy unsaturated fatty acids.


Store in an air-tight container in a cool, dry place.


Pecans are perhaps most well known in the US for their use in pecan pie and pralines. However, they have a variety of other delicious applications, from sweet to savory.

For dessert & breakfast applications, add pecans to waffles, pancakes, sticky buns, cheesecake, quick breads, muffins, cakes (especially carrot cake), pies, candies (especially caramel, chocolate or nougat based), ice cream, brownies, etc.

Pair pecans with flavors like vanilla beans, chocolate, butter & browned butter, nutmeg, maple syrup or maple sugar, brown sugar, orange, goat cheese, berries, stone fruit, mascarpone, bananas, rum, pumpkin, cinnamon, molasses, winter squash (especially kabocha), sweet potatoes, pork, or other nuts.

Pecans are delicious finely chopped and mixed into unsalted butter with honey or maple syrup to make a sweet compound butter (how to make compound butter).

Toasting Pecans:

To awaken their full, intensely buttery flavor, briefly toast pecans in single layer in a 350˚F oven until hot & aromatic. Nuts scorch easily, so be sure to check on them frequently and shake the pan periodically to redistribute them and promote even toasting.

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