Vinegar & Oil Server Set

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These bottles are an elegant way to serve fine balsamic vinegar and olive oil at the dinner table.  Each set includes one bottle for olive oil and one for balsamic vinegar. 

Both bottles have the same outward design, but the balsamic bottle has a long, slender glass straw attached to the cap.  This allows people to hold a finger over a hole in the top of the cap and draw out a small amount of balsamic trapped in the straw.  The vinegar can then be drizzled (drop by drop if desired) over food by loosening the finger’s seal on the top of the straw. 

This controlled release makes it an ideal service method for precious aged tradizionale balsamic vinegars, though it will also work with high quality condiment balsamic vinegar (we recommend Oro Nero or Vigna Oro).


Gemelli bottles are beautiful enough that they can be displayed on your table and will show off the beautiful colors and consistency of premium oils & balsamic. However, their contents will maintain their flavor better if the filled bottles are stored in a cool, relatively dark place when not being used.


Gemelli bottles can be cleaned with hot water and dish soap by pouring some in, covering the bottle’s opening, and gently shaking. Repeat as necessary and then rinse out all the soap.

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