Vigna Bordo Vinegar

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Looking for an every-day balsamic vinegar that offers more flavor but won’t break the bank? Vigna Bordo vinegar is the answer.  Though delicious, you won’t feel guilty using it to impart flavor to marinades that will be discarded when it comes time to cook your meat.

Because Vigna Bordo is aged in-cask for less time than Oro Nero and Vigna Oro vinegars (only 4 years) and has a slightly higher red wine vinegar content, it has more bite than other aged balsamics.

How Artisanal Balsamic Vinegar is Made

This balsamic vinegar was expertly made using a process that involves cooking down 100% Modena grape must, and then aging it in casks. Read How Balsamic Vinegars are Made for more information.



Store aged balsamic vinegars in a cool, dry place.

Shelf Life:

Almost indefinite.


Enjoy Vigna Bordo in salad dressings, marinades (especially for grilled vegetables), or added to pan drippings to make reduction sauces for steaks and other meats.

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