Ventresca White Tuna Belly

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The belly (ventresca) of the Bonito del Norte albacore tuna is amongst the most delicious, juicy & tender tuna meat available.  In Spanish this product is known as Ventresca de Bonito del Norte

When you’re enjoying toro in a sushi bar, you’re enjoying the same cut that is being canned for this product.  Ventresca is a culinary treasure & totally unlike conventional canned tuna, with a flavor that is mild, buttery, and delicious rather than fishy, and a texture that is meltingly soft, creamy & silky.

Tuna of this quality isn’t meant for mixing with mayo for a sandwich.  Instead it should be served on salads or as a tapa to allow its personality to shine.

It takes skill and immense care to cook & pack ventresca while preserving its uniquely delicious characteristics.  La Brújula is one of Spain’s oldest & most respected tinned fish (conservas) companies.  The quality ingredients they use and time honored traditional skills they bring to bear on them result in some of the finest tinned fish on the market. All of their seafood is processed & packed by hand.


Store tinned fish in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate in a sealed container after opening the tin.


Spanish & Portuguese-style tinned fish (conservas) are cooked and ready to eat right out of the tin. They’re meant to be enjoyed on their own (perhaps with some nice crusty bread or a light salad) or with simple accompaniments rather than as an ingredient, as further cooking them can damage their flavor and texture.

Ventresca of Bonito del Norte is some of the finest canned tuna available. Don’t hide its glory in mayo! Serve it on salads or as part of a small Spanish-style plate (tapa).

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