Selezione White Truffle Oil

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Selezione Tartufi White Truffle Oil is made with high quality olive oil, which imparts less fruity olive flavor than what is found in extra virgin based truffle oils. This allows the truffle flavor and aroma to shine through more clearly.

Its truffle flavor is less pronounced than many other truffle oils on the market, but much cleaner and more complex. It also offers a significantly cleaner mouth feel and a softer finish (not cloying or overpowering), gently carrying you through the meal rather than interfering with later dishes.


Natural white truffle oil should be stored in a cool, dry cupboard away from the sun.


White truffle oil’s flavor and aroma is easily damaged by cooking, so this truffle oil should be used to finish just-cooked dishes. The residual heat of the hot food will unlock the oil’s full potential. Try drizzling white truffle oil on to eggs, risotto, pasta, popcorn, potato dishes or anywhere else where you want to add white truffle flavor.

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