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Jack Rudy Tonic is far more complex than other tonic waters you’ll find on the market, with a layered flavor combining a milder, floral version of tonic’s signature bitterness with sweetness and citrus flavors. It will take your gin and tonics (or other recipes calling for tonic water) to new heights.

Jack Rudy Tonic is a tonic concentrate, sold as a syrup rather than a carbonated beverage. You add your own club soda or carbonated water to cocktails made with it. Each small 17oz bottle can make 18 cocktails if you use the gin & tonic recipe on the side. It also makes it easier to use as an ingredient in other cocktails because you can control the water and tonic content independently.


Store unopened tonic concentrate in a cool, dark place. Refrigerate after opening


Stir or shake Jack Rudy’s tonic with gin, ice & soda water to create the ultimate gin and tonic.  It can also be used to make other cocktails or beverages.

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