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Black Silkie Chicken Meat

7 birds (approximately 14 lbs.) | Free Shipping

Silkie chickens (aka black chickens, silky chickens, Taihe chickens, black skinned chickens) are an ancient small Asian chicken breed known for their incredibly soft, fur-like feathers, striking blue-black skin, and rich, full flavor. They’re most often stewed, braised or added to soups in the cuisines of China, Japan, Cambodia, Korea and Malaysia.

These silkies have been raised for 16-20 weeks in arena-style coops and fed a blend of corn, canola seeds, and soy beans.


7 individually vacuum sealed birds, 1-2.25 lbs. each (approximately 14 lbs.)


  • "Buddhist Style" (Head & Feet Attached, No Innards)
  • Free Range
  • Hormone & Antibiotic Free
  • Frozen


New York State

Store silkie chickens frozen until you need them, then defrost completely before cooking.

Thawing Tips

Silkies are traditionally slow-braised rather than roasted. They excel in soups, curries, hot pots, and stews. Their meat is often served on the bone for a more exciting presentation.

How to Braise Meats
Braising Liquid Recipes

Silkie chicken meat is often paired with flavors like ginger, root vegetables, orange, soy, ham, star anise, onions, scallions, galangal, rock sugar, ginseng, conch, shitake mushrooms, and rice wine.

Soup made from silkie meat is believed to have curative properties in traditional Chinese medicine, so it’s often paired with various Chinese medicinal herbs to increase its perceived health benefits.

Read How to Fabricate Poultry for instructions on cutting chickens into various cuts (breasts, legs, etc). Don’t throw out the carcass once you’ve eaten all the meat - silkie bones make incredible stock (how to make chicken stock).

Recommended Cooking Temp: Silkie chickens should be cooked to an internal temperature of 165 degrees.

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