Fish Fillets

From Icelandic cod and Spanish sardines to Pacific halibut and Alaskan salmon, our suppliers seek out the highest quality wild and farmed fisheries around the world.

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Fish Fillet Sampler
18-20 fillets (approximately 8 lbs.)
Spanish Swordfish Steak
Approximately 8 packs (about 11.5 lbs.)
Was $296 $259
Spanish Almadraba Bluefin Tuna Belly Steak (Ventresca)
Approximately 9 packs (about 9 lbs.)
Was $400 $374
Spanish Huelva Sardine Fillet
Approximately 13 packs (about 23 lbs.)
Was $299 $279
Atlantic Dover Sole Fillet
Approximately 16 packs (about 20 lbs.)
Corvina Fillet
Approximately 10 packs (about 10 lbs.)
Out of Stock
Spanish Mackerel Fillet
Approximately 15 packs (about 15 lbs.)
Out of Stock
Spanish Huelva Anchovy Fillet
Approximately 25 packs (about 40 lbs.)
Out of Stock
Spanish Almadraba Bluefin Tuna Loin Steak
Approximately 9 packs (about 12 lbs.)
Out of Stock
Red Snapper Fillet
Approximately 17 packs (about 24 lbs.)
Out of Stock