Cold Weather Comfort Meats

Winter calls for rich, meat-centered meals, like juicy roasts and ribs, tender braised shoulders and shanks, and hearty stews. Serve them with roasted or pureed root vegetables, or creamy starches like risotto, polenta, or mashed potatoes.

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Berkshire Pork Shoulder
Choose boneless or bone-in shoulders (approximately 14 - 40 lbs.)
Wild Boar Shanks
24 hindshanks (approximatley 15 lbs.)
Wild Boar Racks
Choice of sizes (approximately 7-12 lbs.)
Wild Boar Boneless Shoulder
4 pieces (about 16 lbs total)
Bison Briskets
6 briskets (approximately 72 lbs.)
Bison Osso Bucco
12 osso bucco (approximately 9 lbs.)
Kurobuta Hindshanks
24 shanks (aproximately 35 lbs.)
Kurobuta (Berkshire) Pork Racks
5 racks (approximately 38 lbs.)
Bison Striploins
2 striploins (approximately 13 lbs.)
Bison Chuck Roasts
9 chuck roasts (approximately 27 lbs.)
Wild Boar Bone-In Saddles
Approximately 4-5 saddles (about 40 lbs.)
Bison Top Sirloins
12 top sirloins (approximately 60 lbs.)
Kurobuta Pork Striploins
4 striploins (approximately 14 lbs.)
Wild Boar Boneless Neck Meat
6 pieces (approximately 16 lbs.)
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Beeler’s Pure Pork Boneless Whole Loin
5 loins (45 lbs.)
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Kurobuta Pork Tomahawk Racks
2 racks (approximately 11 lbs.)
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Wagyu Beef Corned Brisket
6 flats (approximately 36 lbs.)
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Wild Boar Osso Bucco
7 packs (approximately 10 lbs.)
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Wagyu Beef Whole Top Sirloin
Choose 1 top sirloin or 6 top sirloins (approximately 6-7 lbs. each)
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Wagyu Beef Ribeye Rolls
1 ribeye roll (approximately 11 lbs.)
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Wagyu Beef Whole Striploins
1 striploin (approximately 13 lbs.)
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Mangalitsa Pork Shoulder Roasts
Approximately 35-40 lbs.
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Mangalitsa Pork Boneless Shoulders
2 shoulders (approximately 18-20 lbs.)
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Wagyu Beef Raw Briskets
Flats, points & whole briskets (sizes vary)
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