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The blade of the oyster knife (aka shucking knife) is ideally suited to prying open even the most stubborn oyster. These knives have been designed for professional chefs and oystermen to use efficiently all-day, every day, without wearing out.

Their handles are textured to give you a secure grip. Because proper sanitation is important when working with raw oysters, the handles’ nonporous polypropylene forms a perfect seal between blade and handle, so bacteria has no place to hide.

The style of oyster knife you receive depends on the order you place:

4” Boston-Style Oyster Knife with White Bulb Handle

Orders Without Oysters or Orders Placed with Pacific Oysters

2.5” Sharp Point Oyster Knife with Black Standard Handle

Orders Placed with Atlantic Oysters


Store your oyster knife in a cupboard, drawer, etc when not in use.


Use an oyster knife to shuck oysters quickly, safely, and easily. For instructions, please read our oyster opening tutorial or download our How to Open an Oyster PDF.

Take care when opening oysters to use a towel or glove for protecting the hand holding the oyster in case the blade slips.

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