Fresh Organic Mushroom Sampler

4 lbs total (assorted varieties)
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A mix of our best fresh, organic cultivated mushrooms, this sampler contains the following four mushrooms (1lb each).

Maitake Mushrooms

Shitake Mushrooms

White (or Brown) Beech Mushrooms

King Oyster Mushrooms



Store fresh mushrooms in your refrigerator wrapped in a paper bag. For long term storage & preservation ideas, read How to Freeze, Can & Dehydrate Fresh Mushrooms.

Shelf Life:

Up to ten days fresh. A year or longer sliced & dried. Several months frozen.


These organic mushrooms posses different tastes and textures, but can all be used similarly in most mushroom dishes. Try them sauteed, roasted, fried, or in soups.

Before cooking, clean them gently with a damp paper towel to remove dirt. Do not soak them.

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