Organic Aji Amarillo Chile Paste

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Aji amarillo chilies are a central ingredient in traditional Peruvian cooking.  Despite being called “the yellow chile”, they are actually orange when ready for consumption.  Aji amarillos are a medium-hot variety.

Chile pastes are incredibly easy to use, all you have to do is stir your desired amount in to soups, stews, wet rubs, marinades, ceviche, sautés, etc.

The aji amarillo chilies used to produce this paste are organically grown on a family farm in Peru – the paste is certified USDA Organic.

Aji amarillo paste is hotter than aji panca chile paste but not as hot as aji limo chile paste.

Note: The water content in this product can naturally fluctuate from batch to batch depending on the natural water content of that harvest's peppers. Some batches can be a thick paste, while others will have a thinner puree-like consistency. No water has been added to the thinner product, or cooked/dehydrated out of a thicker one.


Store unopened aji amarillo paste in a cool, dark place. Refrigerate after opening or freeze for longer term storage.


Aji amarillo paste can be stirred in to sauces, soups, sautes, wet rubs, and a whole lot more.  Use it raw or cooked as an ingredient or (in small amounts) as a condiment.  It's often combined with sauteed onions, garlic and herbs.

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